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科罗拉多州COVID-19 救济基金:基金与政府、企业、各大基金会和非牟利组织伙伴合作,评核及协助科罗拉多州内需要紧急援助的群体。


Andrew Thomas, owner of the Showboat Drive-In Theater in Hockley, Texas, saw a 40% increase in sales revenue two weeks ago, and a 95% increase this past week。


Each consists of a clear barrier meant to cover the user‘s face, reducing the potential for any virus contacting the user’s eyes and respiratory mask。


The VF Foundations initial USD 1.5 million in funding will provide financial support to the following organizations:

该公司周二表示,预计1 - 3月份的营业利润约为6.4万亿韩元(约合52亿美元)。

VF Foundation Contributes $1.5 Million To Support Anti-COVID-19 Efforts

CDC Foundation Emergency Response Fund: Donations will be used to meet fast-emerging needs identified by the CDC, including additional support for state and local health departments, support for the global response, personal protective equipment, critical response supplies and more。

Samsung, the worlds largest smartphone maker, predicts it eked out a rise in profit last quarter, as the coronavirus pandemic was just beginning to disrupt supply chains and hobble global demand。


VF Foundation announced on April 7 that it will contribute an initial USD 1.5 million to support local communities around the world as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic。


Darrell Landers, founder and CTO of Ultimate Outdoors Entertainment, an outdoor movie-screen rentals company, said that his company has lost a substantial amount of revenue since the coronavirus led to mass public closings。 Landers company survives off of bringing large groups of people together to watch movies outdoors。


the fund enables individuals, corporations and institutions to directly contribute to global response efforts。 Contributions will support actions outlined in the COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan。

Samsung Says It Eked Out A Profit Rise


Face shields are essential in extending the use life of the dwindling N95 mask inventory, while protecting healthcare professionals from contamination。

Delta Flight Products To Manufacture Personal Protective Equipment


Delta Flight Products is serving as an initial manufacturing site to test GCMIs design and prescribed fabrication process, and is exploring expanding its face shield production beyond the initial order in the coming weeks。


“Showing movies during the day outside is a new concept, and we are using the LED screens to test-drive movies at other times than just at night,” Landers said。 “So the drive-in is sort of a rebirth and a way for us to replace some of the income that we lost。”





Delta Flight Products, the airlines wholly owned subsidiary, is collaborating with Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI), a non-profit affiliate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, to manufacture face shields to protect hospital workers during the COVID-19 pandemic。


But UOE has since refocused on its mobile drive-in theater business, which has been intact for 12 years, utilizing its LED screens to allow movies to be watched at all times of the day。

Thats up nearly 3% from the same period a year ago and right in line with what analysts polled by data provider Refinitiv predicted。


The South Korean company said on Tuesday that it expects to make an operating profit of roughly 6.4 trillion won ($5.2 billion) for the January-to-March period。



According to Thomas, the Showboat Drive-In Theater owner in Texas, even with the inevitable return of movie theaters across the nation, consumers will not immediately feel safe returning to auditoriums in such big masses, which makes drive-ins a much more viable option。

Samsung said it expects sales will also rise about 5% to 55 trillion won ($45 billion)。



and an additional 4,000 for Atlanta-area hospitals in the following days。




Using materials and designs provided by GCMI, Delta Flight Products is leveraging its manufacturing facilities to quickly deliver an initial order of 2,000 shields to aid workers in New York by Friday,

The company will report full first-quarter results at the end of this month。


Revenue From Drive-in Cinemas Making Comeback Amid Coronavirus






Colorado COVID-19 Relief Fund: The fund is working with government, businesses, foundations and nonprofit partners to assess and address the most critical needs across the state of Colorado。


Drive-in theaters throughout the US have not only remained open, but have seen spikes in revenue as consumers desperately look for ways to escape their houses while abiding by the rules of social distancing。



COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund: A joint effort by the United Nations Foundation, the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and World Health Organization,